Resonance gas cooler

Company’s long involvement with the space industry has allowed us to research and develop new methods for temperature alteration with high yielding coefficient of energy/Kcal (40% increased efficiency). We have created a resonance cooler capable of saving money in all stages: installation, operation and maintenance, thus giving it a really wide range of application in industrial, medium and small business and in general public. Our resonance coolers have three stages of complexity that allow us to achieve from 50 C to 200 C temperature difference (inlet/outlet temperature), achieving cryogenic temperatures in the most complex stage°C


On the basis of resonance coolers the following industrial cooling units can be produced:

  • Transportation refrigerators
  • Air conditioning units for carriages and heavy trucks
  • Units for freezing and storage of food
  • Units for blast chilling
  • Air conditioning units for mines
  • Units for freezing water-bearing ground

Household application:

  • Central air conditioning
  • Split system air conditioning
  • Refrigerators

Other areas of application:

  • Shopping mall and entertainment centers
  • Ice arenas and covered ski complexes
  • Modeling scientific centers
  • Testing centers
  • Desalination and purification of sea water
  • Extraction water from the atmospheric air
  • Purification of oil-associated gases
  • Natural-gas liquefying and stripping

Saving when erecting:

  • 40% lower operational costs as compared with other types of equipment
  • 60% saving on installation if compressors are already in place and 30% when being installed from zero level
  • Additional use of thermal energy to receive hot water or air
  • Freedom of compressor and cooler units location

Saving on maintenance:

  • Post-guarantee period
  • 3-years guarantee period provided by the manufacturer
  • Simple mechanical equipment
  • Saving on repair and spare parts
  • Can be performed by local technicians

Key advantages:

  • Ecologically clean & safe
  • Can operate on air or any gases
  • Efficient under any temperature
  • More compact as compared with other types of units