Main services:

Safety Level 1 and 2 Buildings:

  • Oil and gas trunk pipelines and product pipelines
  • Gas equipment facilities
  • Metallurgical manufacturing facilities
  • Military infrastructure facilities
  • Energy sector and petrochemical facilities
  • Tanks, gasholders

Indoor and Outdoor Infastructure:

  • HVAC pneumatic transport and aspiration systems
  • Heating systems (>115°C)
  • Gas supply systems and equipment
  • Hot & cold water supply networks and equipment
  • Process pipelines
  • Water supply networks
  • Heating, water supply and sewer networks made of polymeric materials

Technical Gases:

  • Air-separation units
  • Technical gases pipelines
  • Storage facilities

Construction of Process Equipment and Commissioning:

  • Construction, adjustment and reconstruction of Air Separation Plants, cryogenic equipment, boiler plants and refrigeration plants
  • Construction of storage tanks for liquid products of air separation (in particular nitrogen, oxygen, argon and liquid hydrogen as well)
  • Equipment erection and commissioning for enterprises of ferrous-and-nonferrous metallurgy, power engineering, chemical industry, light and food industry, for health care organizations

Structures & General Construction:

  • Erection of steel structures & buildings with a hight of up to 100 meters fabrication and installation of roof strucrtures, sandwich panels
  • Earthworks, reinforced concrete works ventilated façade technical & industrial polymer floors