Technology and structural engineering

1) Includes:

  • Development  of engineering assignment and technical regulations for designing new types of oxygen production equipment and supervisor authorities approval for it;
  • Development of technical projects for new equipment to the extent of All-Union State Standard 2.120-73;
  • Engineering calculations performance for designing air separation units;
  • Structural and strength analysis  of storages and vessels;
  • Development of design documents for new equipment;
  • Development of operative documentation to the extent of All-Union State Standard 2.601-2006;
  • Development of repairing documentation to the extent of All-Union State Standard 2.602-95;
  • Development of “Rostechnadzor” documentation to the extent of Safety Regulations 03-576-03 and Safety Regulations 03-585-03;
  • Development of transportation documentation;
  • Development of commissioning documentation;
  • Development of acceptance documentation;
  • Obtainment of positive conclusions by specialized expert organization for all types of developed engineering documentation;


2) Construction engineering includes:

  • Development of project for placing the equipment in all parts (in approved parts) to the extent of
  • Russian Federation Government Regulation № 87 dated 16.02.2008
  • Obtainment of positive conclusion by industrial safety inspection for equipment placement project;
  • Development of engineering assignment for connecting industrial location of capital construction for all types of resources' provision
  • Development of all types of activity timetables (building time schedule, line-operated time plan, capacity graph etc.)
  • Development of assemble documentation, including:
  1. Development and coordination of common list of construction and assembly works, including preparation,” zero” circle, general construction and assembly works, individual testing, complex testing, storages and vessels technical inspection, commissioning and acceptance works ;
  2.  Development of all types of working process projects in accordance with construction regulations 3.05.05-84 and construction regulations 2-01-2004 ( for preparatory period, for lifting and moving large-sized and heavy-weight equipment in accordance with Regulatory Documents 11-06-2007, for assembly works, for sanitary-engineering, insulating, testing, finishing etc.)
  3.  Development of all types of general construction acts in accordance with construction regulations 3.05.05-84, 3.05.07-85, 12-01-2004, 12-03-2001;
  4. Development of quality control plan in accordance with All-Union State Standard ISO 9001;
  5. Development of documentation on safety and labor protection;
  6. Development of all types of main assembly acts;
  7. Development of all types of additional assembly acts, if appropriate;
  8. Preparation of all types of logs while performing assembly works;
  9. Development of commissioning documentation;
  10. Development of testing documentation;
  11. Development of engineering certification documentation;
  12. Development of complex testing performance documentation
  13. Development of cold hydrostatic testing performance documentation;
  14. Development of acceptance performance documentation;
  15. Preparation of all-set documentation for oxygen production;
  16. Development of process regulations.