25 October 2011
In 2011 Closed Joint Stock Company «Kislorodmontazh» took part in the construction of the first line of Gas treatment system of the compressor station «Portovaya» as a part of construction of the «North... read more
21 October 2011
Report on the results of purchasing additional shares of JSC «Kislorodmontazh»» as the preemptive right.JSC «Kislorodmontazh» is informing the outcomes of implementation of preemptive rights to place valuable... read more
16 June 2011
For the interests of JSC «EuroChem», CJCS «Kislorodmontazh» has finished the installation of heavy equipment for melamine production with individual devices weight up to 400 tons. read more
31 March 2011
In compliance with the results of organizational and technical control check, the executive summary № 1242 is given, according to it, JCS «Kislorodmontazh» can perform construction-related, finishing, welding, special,... read more